Electric Vehicles Are Here To Stay

On February 24, 2021 President Biden spoke about America’s supply chain and addressed risks for high-capacity batteries, including electric-vehicle batteries. The reason for him turning his attention to this matter is because of the growth we are seeing.

Global electric car sales for Jan. 2021 up 112% YoY reaching 5% share. Europe sales up 50% YoY reaching 14% share, China sales rose 223% YoY reaching 8.4% share and a 2019 Consumer Report survey showed that 63% of car buyers in America had some level of interest in the purchase of an electric vehicle. 

Add to that it is projected that in 2022 electric vehicle (EV)s are expected to really take off.

What does that mean for you? It means that about it is likely that the next time you are looking to buy a car you will likely be considering an electric vehicle. But electric vehicles come with Pros and Cons.



  • They are easier on the environment
  • Electricity is cheaper than gasoline
  • Maintenance is less frequent and less expensive
  • They are very quiet
  • You can drive in the HOV lane “the carpool lane” – even if you are driving solo


  • They are not great for long distance driving
  • Recharging can take time unless you have access to a lvl 2 charging station
  • The initial investment is not cheap
  • Charging station availability is not reliable
  • Not a lot of choices in the cars available

Still considering if an electric vehicle is right for you? According to Consumer Reports anyone that is considering if an EV is right for themselves should ask themselves these questions:

  • How many miles do I drive each day?
  • Do I have regular access to charging at home or at work?
  • How much would the electricity cost?
  • Do I need a faster charging option, or can I charge overnight with a regular outlet?
  • How often do I travel beyond the electric range?
  • Are there public charging stations in my local area or travel corridors?

However, for those of you that make the decision that an EV is the right choice for you – Chesapeake Electric is here for you!

We can help get rid a few of those negatives that may have been non-starters! Let us install your lvl 2 charging station so that you can charge your vehicle quickly and get rid of the long charging times.

Source: Chargepoint.com

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EV Charger Installation

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