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Chesapeake Electric Can Protect Your Home from a Power Surge

What Is a Power Surge and What Causes Them?

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  • Electrical damage protection – Power surges follow the path of wires to outlets and will continue into any item that’s plugged into them. These can cause electrical fires that result in excessive damage to the whole house.
  • Layered protection – Our service offers safeguards at two points. Surge protection in the electrical panel diverts power surges caused by a source outside the home and redirects it to the ground. Our layered security also offers protection at the outlet for any surge generated within the walls of your house.
  • Electronic damage protection – All electronics and appliances plugged into an outlet are at risk of harm if your home is not adequately protected. Power surges have the strength to completely damage an appliance or electronic device beyond repair.
  • Safeguarding against in-home power surges – While you may consider an outside source, such as a lightning storm, the biggest danger for power surges, the extra layer of protection at the outlets is critical in protecting your home. In-home surges are responsible for shortening the lifespan of valuable electronics, costing homeowners in replacement purchases.

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