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QuietCool has been one of the fastest growing companies in the United States for the past 7 years thanks to our extensive expertise in the residential ventilation world. We have the ultimate line up of residential fans including whole house fans, smart attic fans, solar attic fans and garage fans.

At QuietCool, integrity, diligence, and innovation are integrated into everything we do. These core values are what has allowed us to pursue our vision of eco-friendly whole-home cooling and ventilation across the country. Since 2009, we have taken pride in improving people’s lives by delivering unmatched comfort while saving money.
When you buy a QuietCool, you will know that the product you receive was engineered and crafted with the utmost quality, by the best team in the ventilation industry.

"Whole-house fans can help protect people indoors from airborne transmission of Covid-19 because they increase ventilation with outside air to cool indoor spaces. When used along with other best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, operating a whole-house fan can be part of a plan to protect yourself and your family." – EPA

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Classic Series Whole House Fans

Our Classic Series is a powerful Whole House Fan that got us started on the path to making whole-home cooling more energy-efficient. You can start your low-cost journey right where we did, with our classic design, patented technology, and trusted production.

Stealth Pro X Whole House Fans

Our Stealth Pro X Series is the efficient Whole House Fan that mastered low cost cooling with powerful results. With our sleek design, patented technology, and reliable production, you can utilize an ultra-energy efficient motor to keep your home cool and your money saved.

  • Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
  • 66.7 watts to 725 watts depending on the model
  • 1,479 CFM to 6,996 CFM depending on the model

Trident Pro X Whole House Fans

Our Trident Pro X Series is the powerful Whole House Fan that is ideal for any home in need of maximum airflow. With our patented design, robust aiflow, and reliable production, you can experience supreme cooling.

  • Permanent Split Capacitor Motor (PSC)
  • 115 watts to 1,147 watts depending on model
  • 1,498 CFM to 7,015 CFM depending on model

Roof Mount Whole House Fans

The Roof Mount Whole House Fan Series is our newest and most exciting line of whole house fans. With multiple applications, you can now experience all the benefits of our revolutionary whole house fan with little to no attic space.

  • Ultra-Energy Efficient Electronically Commutated Motor 
  • 197 to 451 watts depending on model
  • 2,878 CFM to 4,186 CFM depending on the model.
  • Our Roof Mount Damper Grille 2 Whole House Fan is perfect for homes with a flat roof.
  • Our Roof Mount Damper Box Whole House Fan is utilized for insulated attics.
  • Our Roof Mount Plenum Whole House Fan was designed for homes with no attic space.
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    Traditional Gable Attic Fan

    The AFG PRO-2.0 is an energy-efficient and inexpensive wonder. This fan moves up to 1,945 CFM while using just 108 watts. Utilizing an energy-efficient motor, a gorgeous design, and American ingenuity, this fan provides numerous benefits at an impressively inexpensive price.

    The AFG PRO-2.0 is powered by a two-speed capable, energy-efficient Permanent Split Capacitor Motor, better known as a PSC. This extremely dependable motor allows your fan to use just a fraction of energy. It also has far fewer moving parts than other attic fan motors making it the most durable attic fan on the market today.

    • Plug-and-play (no wiring)
    • Energy-Efficient two-speed capable PSC Motor
    • Hi: 1,945 CFM / Lo: 1,495 CFM
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    Smart Attic Gable Fan

    The Smart Attic Gable Fan produces powerful results in an efficient package. Utilizing an energy-efficient motor and American ingenuity this fan provides numerous benefits at an impressively inexpensive price. Operate our smart attic fans using our Smart Control App to set preset times, temperatures, and season when you want your fan to run, and see exactly what your attic temperature and humidity is at any time!

    • Plug and play (no wiring)
    • 23.1 watts to 264 watts depending on the model
    • 1,343 CFM to  2,830 CFM depending on the model
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I was very pleased with the work provided from Logan & Tim from Chesapeake Electric, (they upgraded & replaced a electrical panel in my condo). Both men were polite, professional & dedicated. Also, they kept me informed as to where they were in the process & since it was a lengthy job, I appreciated that. Thank you, for a job well done! Chesapeake Electric, for future electrical needs, you're the one I'll call!
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We had an excellent experience with Chesapeake Electric. Russell showcased outstanding professionalism and expertise, meticulously walking us through each detail of the service. He also earned enthusiastic approval from our canine family members - a true testament to his friendly demeanor. Highly recommend Chesapeake Electric for their superb service and personable staff.
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Company reached out a few hours of my request and was super pleasant. An appointment was available 2 days later and the visit went smoothly. The technician was skilled and communicated in detail. An overall refreshing, professional company.
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Kris and Gary did a great job wiring a Smart Home Panel for an EcoFlow Whole Home Battery Backup Generator. This is a fairly new product and it was their first time wiring this device and they went through it methodically and patiently using the manufacturer's documentation that was not fully descriptive. Mike Greene was invaluable in troubleshooting an issue to get the system on line. Great team to work with!
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