Manual Transfer Switch Installation

An Alternative Solution to Power Outages

Install A Generator Transfer Switch By Chesapeake Electric

At Chesapeake Electric, we understand that a standby generator isn’t a fit for everyone. For many Maryland residents, you just don’t lose power enough to warrant the cost of a standby generator, but you still want a solution that allows you power during the unfortunate circumstance of a power outage.

Does that sound like you? If it does, a generator manual transfer switch may be the way to go.

With a manual transfer switch, you can designate 8-10 circuits on your electric panel that you would want to be able to power with a smaller portable generator! For a fraction of the price, you can ensure your sump pump has power, your food doesn’t spoil in the fridge, and your family is able to live comfortably while you wait for the power to return.

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The Benefits Of A Generator Manual Transfer Switch

When you lose power at home, having one of our home standby generators can save you money, hassle, and priceless peace of mind. The essentials of heat and air conditioning that we all take for granted leave us uncomfortable and irritated when they shut down without warning. Other amenities, like our computers, televisions, phones, and the ability to charge them all, can disrupt our lives when they suddenly no longer work. In the event of a power outage, having a home standby generator installed at your residential property can not only return your investment in purchasing and installation but also save you thousands of dollars.

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    No Relocating Costs - Gone are the days of having to relocate your entire family during a power outage. Having to pay for a hotel for even one night can cost several hundred dollars, and sometimes power outages last weeks or even months at a time! Having a manual transfer switch will allow you to wait in your own home for the power to come back on rather than wasting time and money on a hotel stay.
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    No Flooding - When utility power fails, and your basement sump pump stops running, flooding becomes more likely. Clean-up and remodels afterward can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. With a manual transfer switch, you can ensure that your sump pump will be able to function optimally, preventing damages done to your basement because of flooding.
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    No Spoiled Food - If the power goes out, it’s only a matter of time before the food in your refrigerator goes bad. Having to throw out all your food during a power outage is not only wasteful, but it is also costly. When you have a portable generator transfer switch, you can ensure your food stays fresh, and your bellies stay full!
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    Peace of Mind - Peace of mind is priceless. You can finally feel at ease knowing regardless of the power-outage situation, you have back-up power in your home when you need it the most. With just a simple plug in and a switch, your home and be back up and running while you wait for the power to return.
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Reliable Home Standby Generator Installation

Don’t wait for the power to go out! Have one of our residential generators installed in your home today to save yourself valuable time and money. Our experienced electricians perform residential generator installation for homes in Annapolis, MD, and beyond. When you’re ready to make the smart investment and install a standby generator in your home, our experienced electricians will take care of the entire process for you.

Contact us today to learn more about the processor to receive a free estimate. We look forward to adding a smart solution to your residential property!


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My husband and I had just moved to our new home and there were a few things that needed to be installed and just checked up make sure everything was safe and running smoothly. A bunch of electrical things that we needed kept popping up last mi the but Russell and Trey came out and took care of us! They were on time, safe, fast and efficient with their work. We now have our beautiful new light fixtures, outdoor lights, new outlet put in and soon we will have them back out for a few other things we plan to get done. We couldn’t be happier with their work! Thank you Russell and Trey you guys are the best!!
Liana Torres- Rosario
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Kris and Gary did a great job wiring a Smart Home Panel for an EcoFlow Whole Home Battery Backup Generator. This is a fairly new product and it was their first time wiring this device and they went through it methodically and patiently using the manufacturer's documentation that was not fully descriptive. Mike Greene was invaluable in troubleshooting an issue to get the system on line. Great team to work with!
Santo LaTores
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Russell showed up on time. He came prepared, was very knowledgeable, and was happy to answer all of my questions. He was friendly with my pets, who were very interested in the new person in my house. Russell was professional, timely, and overall great to work with.
Serena Giering
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Great service from Chesapeake Electric. I’ve tried other companies because they were less expensive but they came unprepared and charged for showing up that way. Kevin from Chesapeake Electric was on time, did the work, and cleaned up his work area afterwards. The other company left debris all around. Kevin was professional, experienced, and prepared. It wasn’t inexpensive but going for the low bid in the past ended up costing me more in the long run. I have confidence in this company and Kevin. I would highly recommend them.
Julia Langfitt
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Called and spoke to someone right away. She was new and still learning but she was polite and able to help me right away. We needed an outside outlet added at the office. They came out the next day. Introduced themselves to everyone and got right to work. They did an amazing job. They were quick and efficient. The new outlet looks great and works very well. I had emails and texts about the appointment and reminders and updates on when they would arrive. The entire experience was above and beyond.
Amanda Morales
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