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Electrical Services FAQ in Annapolis, MD

Here at Chesapeake Electric, our team is used to answering lots of questions about our electrical services in Annapolis, MD surrounding areas. While we’re happy to answer any questions you might have, we’ve made things easier for you by preparing these FAQs. We’ve addressed residential and commercial electrical services and answered some questions about generators as well. We’re the team to call, whether you need minor home repairs or you’re remodeling your office. Check out our electrical services FAQ, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule service for your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Electrical FAQ

Our residential electricians can do it all, from recessed lighting installation to wiring new homes, wiring renovations, pier electric, landscape lighting, TV & Internet cabling. Check out these residential electrical questions and answers:

Why should I have recessed lighting or under-cabinet installed?

How can I save money with energy-efficient lighting?

Do I need a whole-house surge suppressor?

Is outdoor lighting energy efficient? Does it really make a difference in home security?

What is home automation?

What is the purpose of GFCI Outlets? Do I really need them? Can I do it myself?

Are ceiling fans only useful in the summer?

Can I plug my electric vehicle into my house?

Why does an outlet spark when I connect a device or appliance?

When you plug in electrical appliances, you may sometimes notice a little flicker of electricity. This is completely normal from time to time! However, if there is always a spark when you use the same outlet, then there is likely an electrical fault.

There are a few reasons why an outlet might spark. If your home is more than 20 years old and an outlet is letting off sparks, it’s probably time to replace all the outlets. Another cause of sparking might be that the outlet is short-circuiting. A short circuit causes insulation and wires to break down, posing a fire hazard. Our electric residential service company offers Chesapeake energy solutions and can assist with problem diagnosis and provide electrical repair if necessary.

Why does my circuit breaker trip all the time?

Using too many appliances at once could cause your circuit breaker to trip. It might also be a sign that your electrical wiring was not built or installed correctly during the residential construction of your home.

When there is too much electricity flowing through the circuit breaker or when it is unable to handle the extra current strain, it trips. When a circuit becomes overloaded, the electricity leaves its path to prevent your circuits from overheating or causing more damage. House fires would happen more frequently if there were no circuit breaker trips.

To find out if too many appliances share a circuit and, if necessary, repair the system, call on an electrician from Chesapeake Electric to inspect your home’s wiring right away!

When should a home be rewired?

If your house is 50 years old or older, it’s almost certain that your wiring needs to be upgraded. Many electrical fires are caused each year by faulty or outdated wiring so it’s important to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. If you’re not sure whether your home needs to be rewired, you can always contact Chesapeake Electric to set up an inspection.

It is generally recommended that a licensed electrician should conduct a thorough examination of the home’s electrical system every 10 years for an owner-occupied property and five years for a rental property, or at the end of each tenancy. This is an important aspect of property management.

Commercial Electrical FAQ

You can count on our commercial electricians for tenant improvements, new and remodeled building wiring, parking garages, fire alarm systems and modifications, fire alarms, standby generators, and more.

Why should my business have parking lot lighting?

Does my business need a standby generator?

What is the best type of commercial lighting for my business?

Why is it necessary to have an electrical inspection before moving into my new business property?

Before moving into a new office, we recommend that an electrical inspection be performed. A thorough electrical inspection ensures that a building is safe, all panel boxes are in proper working condition, and wiring code compliance has been verified.

An electrical inspection by an insured electrical contractor is a preventative measure that can save your business time and money. By having an electrical inspector verify that your new office space is up to code, you can avoid any potential hazards, expensive repairs, or large electrical projects down the road. Contact us at Chesapeake Electric right now to learn more about electrical inspections and how to maintain the safety of your business property.

Do I need a surge protector?

In all commercial applications, we at Chesapeake Electric recommend surge protection to extend the life of your equipment as well as prevent computer and telecommunication systems from losing data or being damaged by a sudden jolt of electricity. In areas where severe weather is common, surge protection should be a top priority to maintain the safety and longevity of your devices.

Power Generator FAQ

Chesapeake Electric specializes in home generators and portable generators for home and business owners throughout the region. We offer backup generator installation services so you won’t lose power when one of our frequent storms knocks out traditional power sources. Check out these questions and answers about power generators:

Why do I need a generator?

What size generator should I buy?

How expensive are generators?

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