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Copper Wire: The Right Choice For Your Property

If your home or business is wired with aluminum wiring — particularly if it is an older property — it may be time to consider getting it rewired with copper wiring or what is called an ‘aluminum to copper change over’. Aluminum wire poses a much greater fire threat and is less durable and conductive than copper. Once installed, copper wiring also requires much less maintenance than aluminum, which has a higher wear and tear rate. At Chesapeake Electric, our team of experienced electricians proudly performs aluminum to copper wire change over services for homes and business across Annapolis, MD. To have your wiring checked out, or to schedule a removal/installation, give our experts a call today!

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Copper is the Only Way

Copper wire is not only cost-effective and energy-efficient — it’s also a safety necessity. When compared with older aluminum wire, copper wire is much less likely to fail to start an electrical fire. Recently, a national survey conducted by Franklin Research Institute for The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) determined that homes built before 1972, and wired with aluminum, are 55 times more likely to have wire connections at outlets reach “Fire Hazard Conditions” than homes wired with copper. For the safety of those on your property, copper wiring is a clear choice.

In addition to being safer than aluminum wiring, copper wiring also has greater resilience, higher durability, and higher performance than aluminum.


The Benefits Of Copper Wiring

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    Highly durable; less maintenance than aluminum wiring
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    Highly versatile, and a higher electrical conductivity rate than aluminum
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    Increases resale value on your home or business
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    Safer for your home or business
Solutions We Provide
If you have noticed any wire-related problems in your home, or would simply like to find out if you currently have aluminum wire, do not attempt to investigate your wiring yourself. This can lead to expensive damages and life-threatening injuries. Instead, contact a certified electrician to help you with your wiring needs. Our aluminum to copper change over implementation methods are:
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    Full Replacement Of Aluminum Cable
    Full rewiring is the generally recommended solution when it comes to aluminum to copper installation. A qualified electrician will inspect your house and give you recommendations on the ease of implementation to do a full copper rewire, and remove the aluminum wiring.
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    Implementing an AlumiConn Connector
    In some cases a house-wide rewire might not be practical based on an inspection of the house by a professional electrician, and in consultation with you. In that case, there is an alternative solution available using the AlumiConn Connector to ensure your house still follows the necessary safety regulations.
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At Chesapeake Electric, our electricians perform aluminum to copper wire change services for homes and businesses across Annapolis, MD. Experienced and efficient, our electricians will have your home or business rewired quickly and will be happy to schedule consultations to answer any questions you might have about your wiring.

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Ethan was a fantastic professional who arrived, took the time to listen and understand the issues we had and came up with a solid plan to repair the issues. He provided us with accurate estimates and, upon obtaining our approval to move forward, commenced correcting all our issues. He was quick, thorough and tidy while performing all the electrical upgrades and repairs. I definitely recommend Chesapeake Electric for your electrical needs.
Tom G
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How do you rate a job you feel was done with such professionalism, patience, care and concern for the area in which they were working in? Let’s just say it warrants 5 stars on the scale. To you Chesapeake, you have hired two exceptional workers that I know of and for that I’m most grateful they were sent to perform the installation of my Chandelier. They’re expertise combined with quiet unique personalities made this a job well worth the money spent. Thank you Chesapeake and the Payne Brothers
Eunice Shepperson
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Russell showed up on time. He came prepared, was very knowledgeable, and was happy to answer all of my questions. He was friendly with my pets, who were very interested in the new person in my house. Russell was professional, timely, and overall great to work with.
Serena Giering
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Mr. M. Greene was the technician that provided services today. After I pointed out the issue he readily diagnosed what the problems were and advised me on recommendations. He educated me on current codes for fire and C02 monitors. He was able to not only efficiently update my monitors but to also install fire/C02 monitors to all bedrooms. After Mr. Greene completed the installations, he demonstrated how to carry out monthly tests and explained other features of the new monitors. I thank him for a job WELL DONE! My home is now in compliance with fire/C02 safety codes. G. Moye.
Gwen Moye
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Kevin P. did an awesome job! He was super friendly, fixed everything we needed, was super thorough in his explanations, and put up with all of my questions. Definitely will have him and Chesapeake Electric back for future electrician needs!
Kathryn Harper
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