5 Cases Where You May Need an Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician

There are a number of emergency situations where you might need to call in an electrician. It goes way beyond a simple power outage and switching a circuit breaker. If you’ve detected any major electrical issues, including sparks flying from your outlets, it’s time to pick up the phone and dial for help. Here are some of the most common emergency electrical issues that homeowners face – and what to do about them.

1.   Sudden and Random Power Outages

One of the most common emergency electrical situations is a sudden power outage. This could be due to something as simple as a blown fuse or a tripped breaker, or it might be indicative of a more serious problem with your wiring or electrical system. If you experience a sudden power outage, unplug all of your appliances to avoid the risk of a surge when power is restored. If the outage is due to a problem with your wiring, you’ll need to call in an electrician as soon as possible to have it fixed and make sure it doesn’t become worse.

2.   Sparks Flying from Outlets

Another emergency situation is the presence of sparks flying from your outlets. If you’ve noticed a few sporadic electrical discharges, it might not be anything to worry about at all – it may just be that something has touched wires and caused them to spark. However, if these sparks are occurring regularly or in quick succession, you’ll need to get the electrician to your home quickly to take care of the issue before it causes further damage or poses an electrical and fire danger to you and your family.

3.   Problems with Wiring in Walls:

If you’ve been noticing flickering lights, unexplained sparks or even a bad odor coming from your outlets, it may be that there’s an issue with the wiring inside your walls. In order to fix this problem and ensure your safety as well as the safety of those around you, call emergency electrician services for help. An emergency service will evaluate what exactly is going on to determine if repairs need to be made or if new wires are needed (if they’re damaged). Chances are high that these problems have been developing over time without being noticed – which means that future issues could occur at any moment.

4.   Issues with Breaker Box:

If you’re experiencing electrical problems and you can’t seem to find the source, it might be time to take a closer look at your breaker box. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with a breaker box, from tripped breakers to faulty wiring. If you think there might be something wrong with your breaker box, don’t explore for yourself and risk further electrical issues or even your wellbeing. An emergency electrician can handle these issues quickly and safely.

5.   Hanging and Live Wires

Another dangerous emergency electrical situation is when you have hanging or live wires around your home. This could be caused by a number of things, including poorly wired electrical work to damage from a storm. If you see any hanging or live wires around your home, stay away and call in an electrician immediately. These wires can cause serious injury or death if they’re touched, so it’s not worth risking your safety for a DIY repair.

These are just some of the most common emergency electrical situations that homeowners face. By knowing what to look for and then picking up your phone to get the proper assistance, you can help ensure that your family stays safe in case of an emergency. We encourage all of our clients who need an electrician in Anne Arundel County to call (443)-716-7095 anytime day or night with any questions. Our team is happy to help during emergencies and more!