Chesapeake Electric is a trusted electrical contractor providing the Stevensville, MD area with residential and commercial electrical services of all kinds. Our specialty is in-depth knowledge and practical experience in every aspect of electrical engineering and design. We can handle everything from standard home wiring to sophisticated industrial electrical systems, whether you need installation, emergency services, or routine maintenance.

Our company is locally owned and operated, so we can always be counted on for timely Maryland electrical services and reliable workmanship. Chesapeake Electric has been in business for over a decade and our dedicated electrical contractors have experience and skill that is unmatched in the industry.

If you are looking for professional Stevensville, MD electrical services, call Chesapeake Electric at (443)-716-7095.

One-Stop Electrical Services for Residential and Commercial Customers

Electrical safety is an important part of most people’s daily lives. Whether you need a simple household circuit breaker installation or a more extensive rewiring project to add recessed lighting, safety should never be taken lightly. Any job involving electricity carries some degree of risk, but when it comes to residential electrical installations, the stakes are much higher.

Unfortunately, many electrical problems often go unnoticed until they turn into major issues and cause irreparable harm. According to a report from the U.S. Fire Administration, home electrical fires claimed the lives of more than 200 Americans and injured around 975 in 2020.

Even small mistakes can result in serious injuries or death, which is why you should engage professional electrical services to handle any electrical repairs, rewiring tasks, or panel upgrades. Most homeowners don’t know how to properly install an electric outlet or fuse panel, and they often fail to pay attention to all aspects of electrical work required by code during any renovation project.

To ensure safety, hire a licensed professional who knows what they are doing. If you’re unsure about hiring a contractor for an electrical repair, schedule a service with Chesapeake Electric. Our team will explain everything you need to know before handling your electrical problem.

At Chesapeake Electric, we provide a wide range of comprehensive electrical services, including:

  • New Construction
    Whether it’s a commercial building or new home construction, Chesapeake Electric can take on designing and installing entire electrical system plans.
  • Temporary Power Supply
    When you are building new residential and commercial properties, a temporary power supply is usually needed until the electrical system is complete. At Chesapeake Electric, we offer quality, dependable temporary power solutions.
  • Installation of New Indoor Wiring
    When replacing existing indoor wiring, Chesapeake Electric can provide the complete package – from planning and blueprinting detailed electrical wiring diagrams to installing the entire electrical system including electrical outlets, lighting control panels, receptacles, surge protection, switches, fuses, etc.
  • Installation of New Outdoor Wiring
    Outdoor wiring is a critical component of any functional outdoor space, including an electrical outlet for deck lights, a poolside blender, patio speakers, a backyard TV, etc. Our experienced crew can get your outdoor space up and running in record time.
  • Power Upgrade
    If you have old, outdated circuit breakers or simply want to improve the efficiency of your current systems, give us a call. Our licensed electricians can design and upgrade your system for you!

Customized Electrical Services for Your Home or Business

At Chesapeake Electric, we understand that each client has different needs and goals for their electrical systems. Whether you are looking for complex commercial electrical work or complete residential electrical services, our master electricians are here to help you achieve all of your electrical dreams! Call us today at (443)-716-7095 or contact us online to discuss your electrical needs.