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Need electrical services? Our property management team has you covered. Our property management services include, but are not limited to:

Property Management Services

In order to keep your buildings working efficiently you need a preventative maintenance plan to identify and address issues before they become costly burdens.

Did your insurance company as for an electrical inspection? Are you worried about system overloads? Infrared thermography can identify issues causing excessive heat due to increased resistance. Click here to learn more.

Your service panel is the heart of your electrical system. It connects the wires from the outside power grid to your home’s electrical system and controls all of your home’s power. A service panel upgrade is one of the most important things you can do to resolve current issues and prevent overloads and shorts that may even cause a house fire. Call today to get an estimate.

At Chesapeake Electric, our team is well versed in identifying if your meter stack can be repaired or needs replacement. Call us today to schedule your in-home estimate. At Chesapeake Electric, we can help you create a plan to ensures you minimal to no downtime and helps you avoid costly repairs caused from neglect.

LED lighting can increase the lighting brightness in your space while decreasing operating cost. Call today to get an evaluation.

Our team of electricians will work with you to create the security lighting plan to help deter burglars and trespassers while staying within your budget.

Whether you’re a house or business owner in Annapolis, landscape lighting can prove helpful and aesthetic on any property type with proper and professional installation. At Chesapeake Electric we take great care to customize our landscape lighting services to fit the unique needs of the individual client and their property. It doesn’t matter whether your property is big or small, residential, or commercial. We can help.

Having a commercial generator installed in your building is essential for the success of your business and the comfort and safety of your patrons and employees but, it can also save you thousands of dollars in lost profits. Call us for a quote today.

More and more Maryland employees are purchasing electric vehicles and expect that they will be able to charge their vehicle at their office. Our staff is trained to handle estimating, permitting & installation of EV Charging stations for commercial use.

Chesapeake Electric offers 24 hour & Emergency electrical services for when you need them the most. When your power goes out and you need someone to get out there quickly to diagnose and repair, we are only a call away.

Our team offers pole light maintenance for every type of commercial facility, if you need the pole light in your lot worked on, be sure to give our team a call.

Property Management Services by Electricians at Chesapeake Electric

You’ve invested in equipment and assets for your property and we believe in helping you make the most out of that investment, while helping you avoid potentially expensive issues. At Chesapeake Electric, our team of experienced electricians proudly provides comprehensive property management services to homes and businesses across Annapolis, MD and surrounding areas. We work efficiently to make sure that you have the best electrical systems possible, all at rates that will save you money over more costly repairs. Let us worry about the details and take that headache off of your plate — call us today at (410) 280-3388 to learn more!

A Team Devoted to Property Management

At Chesapeake Electric we believe that your organization will benefit from a consistency in the team that comes out to service your property. So we have a property management team dedicated to our property management customers. This allows our team to get to know your property layout, common problems, equipment, and help with preventative maintenance. On your side, it helps you feel secure knowing that the team coming out to work on the property is trusted and knows the ins and outs of how your property runs.

Why Choose Us For Your Property Management Needs?

  • Friendly Expert Staff
  • Any size project, no project is too big or too small
  • We can help you get approval for rebates from BGE and Pepco for LED upgrades
  • We will worry about getting permits and inspection approvals for you
  • We can ensure you get BGE rebates for EV charger installations
  • Fully equipped emergency response team and non-emergency service call team
  • We can walk your site and pinpoint where security lighting is needed to keep your property safe

For continued electrical services, there is no better property management electrician in Annapolis, MD than our experienced team. Call us at (410) 280-3388 today!