Are You Ready To be A Part Of The Smart Home Revolution?

Smart Home used to be a sci-fi idea that was imagined anywhere from Marty McFly traveling to 2015 in Back to The Future II and seeing him getting fired via video conference to Ben Cooper asking PAT to play a music video at his request in Disney’s Smart HouseBut today this is no longer a sci-fi idea but an actual reality with video assistants like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri.

Smart Home Energy Usage
Smart Home Energy Usage

Having a smart home has become a bit of a buzzword that can mean anything from asking your voice-activated hub to turn your lights on and off to be able fully to automate your life and run your dishwasher, vacuum your floors, have your lights turn on when you pull up to your house or even have your house fully lockdown and arm itself by telling it goodnight. In fact, 65% of Americans have deployed at least 1 smart tech device in their homes. But only 18% of them have more than 1 smart tech device in their home, so it seems fully blown smart home adoption is still early in its rollout. However, when polled, over 50% of GenX and Millennials would be willing to pay more for smart tech because of its energy efficiency, which would lead to lower utility costs and potentially paying more for a smart tech deployed home.

Smart Home Energy Efficiency
Smart Home Energy Efficiency

Just over a year ago the pandemic hit the United States and since then we have all been spending a lot more time in our homes. This extra Wi-Fi and energy use has led to increased costs in utility bills. Smart Tech is a great way to combat some of these rising costs or to give your home an edge in the market if you are looking to sell.

Smart Home Checklist
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However, the issue many run into when trying to fully automate their home is that they do not understand the technology well enough to set up the system and make sure all their different cameras, lights, appliances, locks, etc. are all integrated and automated. This is why many are calling in the experts by hiring an experienced electrician to set up their system and help them evaluate what smart home technology is and isn’t a fit for them and the way they want to experience their home.

Here are a few things that you should consider when looking to adopt smart home technology:

  1. Are you looking to reduce energy usage?
  2. Are you looking reduce the strain of some daily tedious home life tasks?
  3. Are you looking to focus on increasing home safety?
  4. Do you want to be able to monitor not only your home but any people in it when you are away?
  5. Do you have young children in your home that you need to put parental lock/overrides on smart technology?
  6. Are you typically away from your home for long periods of time and need to feed or let out your pet?

Our Smart Home Checklist is a great place to start when evaluating what smart technology you would want to consider for your home. Whether it be to increase safety, comfort, or peace of mind.

At Chesapeake Electric we help our customers by performing a complimentary consultation as we make sure their house is ready to become a smart home. Then we go over what type of tech you are looking to deploy and how you would like it to function for you. The goal is to ensure we set up your home to really give you the best daily experience so that you love your home.

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